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I am Koko.

Unveil the Extraordinary: I am your visionary wedding and editorial photographer, crafting a distinct fashion-forward narrative. My keen eye for style and artistry resonates in every frame. While Stuttgart, Germany is my base, my lens spans across Europe and the world, transforming moments into captivating visual symphonies. With me, your wedding becomes an enchanting masterpiece, where emotions find their artistic voice.

For me, cultivating a connection beyond the mere 'service provider-customer' dynamic is paramount. This is the cornerstone of crafting exquisite, emotive photographs. Your story enriches my lens, empowering me to fulfill your desires flawlessly. The deeper our bond, the more enchanting your captured moments become

„It's more important to click with people than to click the shutter.“

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Elevating Wedding Storytelling Creatively.

I'll journey alongside you, capturing masterpieces that unfold in romantic destinations like Mallorca, Santorini, picturesque Tuscany and the captivating Amalfi coast. Wherever you choose to entwine your eternal love, there I'll be, because my true home is where joyous souls unite, crafting memories to cherish forever.


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KOKO is a visionary wedding and editorial photographer with a distinct fashion-forward approach With a keen eye for style and artistry, Koko captures weddings in Europe and worldwide, turning each moment into a mesmerising visual masterpiece. His unique blend of editorial flair and intimate storytelling creates timeless images that truly reflect the couple's love story. Trust Koko to bring your wedding to life with undaralleled creativity and sophistication. Visit and follow on Instagram.




"...Just classic wedding photos we could have gotten somewhere else.
Koko with his special way just captured our emotions perfectly that day.
The photo shoot with Koko was a beautiful part of our big day and we had so much fun doing it.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that dear Koko!!!"

- Christina & Michael


"...We had super fun at our shoot and were surprised how much preliminary work Koko has put into the Rechereche of beautiful shooting locations. Koko is a perfectionist and you can see that in our wonderful photos ..."

- Julia & Sebastian


"A professional in snapshots!
-On our most beautiful day, he accompanied us perfectly through the day without us having to pretend (as is usually the case). He was very unobtrusive and therefore the right photographer for us. We are sure that we will book him again for our next big moment in life! ... "

- Sehzat & Johannes


"...Beautiful location, warm coffee to warm up and also our favorite song in the background, so far by far the best shooting experience... We thank you for these beautiful moments, which were also so skillfully staged! The pictures are simply breathtaking- just as impressive as your passion \\"your craft".... Thank you very much and see you very soon, because we want more of it.... "

- Marta & Hawkins


"Dear Koko, Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments on this special day. It's great how you responded to us with your loving and creative way. Our pictures turned out beautifully. Thank you so much!"

- Isabelle & Florian


"...We had a wonderful, unforgettable day with Koko. We just had fun, were fooling around and didn't really notice the camera pointed at us.
The result then exceeded all kinds of expectations and never before have pictures touched us so much."

- Elisa & Alex


“Koko, to be honest, we were blessed to find you, because you made best possible to imagine photos! You did everything exactly as we wished: dozens of wonderful portraits and amazing reportage of a christening ceremony, as well as a party afterwards. You made not just photos, but a story. You were able to capture our emotions, our love, joy and happiness. We look at photos and cannot stop smiling - they are so beautiful! Thank you very much, Koko! You are THE master! Also, we were very pleased to meet you in person. You are an absolutely easy-going and a humble man, with great sense of humor, that was fun to work with you!

Warmest hugs ,..“

- Olesya, Michael & Tom


“ When we met Koko it was clear that he is a very kind and positive guy. His nature is very important for his job: it's easy for him to connect with people, which is so important on the most special day of your life.
I can not recommend a better photographer than Koko, to show emotions, catch a moment or just do an amazing portrait.
Thanks Koko. “

- Simone & Michele