elopment santorini

Gloria & Fabio - an Elopement in Santorini

To run from Brazil to Santorini, Greece, that is actually not everyday. It's simply to go to bed with the camera under your arm and be broad when the couple is...
Elopement in Santorini

Carola & Marco - Couples shooting in Santorini

4:57 in the morning. The first birds already pretend to hear each other and are ready for their day. The sun is slowly starting to shine somewhere, behind the sea horizon of Santorini, barely visible, nu...
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart

Simone & Michele - a gay couple shooting in Bari, Italy

The city of Bari is the capital of the province of the same name as well as of the region Apulia (Puglia). The city itself has about 320000 inhabitants and everybody has to go somewhere by car, but nobody has to go behind the...
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart

Anna & Ivan - a love story in the charming old town of Bari, Italy

Anna and Ivan are a great example where an encounter of people can take you with them if you don't hold back! Anna, Ivan and I met. In the street. By mistake. ...
Wedding photographer Lichtenstein Castle

A winterly Elopement Boho wedding at Lichtenstein Castle

A castle wedding in winter and the Boho feeling don't go together? This dreamlike Elopement convinces of the opposite. An enchantingly natural bridal couple in front of the fairytale scenery of the Sc...
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart

Ema & Mirko - a couple shooting on the beach of Bari, Italy

A couple shooting on the beach: sun, sand, sea and salt on the skin. - What could be nicer? Oh yes! Two souls in love who enjoy the rush of the sea on a deserted beach and who are in love with...
Wedding Photographer Munich

Marija & Vukas - Couples shooting in Stuttgart: love and summer!

Summer in Stuttgart, 30°C in the shade, chilled white wine and a large portion of ice cream. Something missing? - Two people in love and mega happy, who have a lot of fun. These are exactly Maria ...
Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Julia & Seb - An emotional and romantic wedding in Stuttgart

What could be more beautiful than a beautiful summer wedding in Stuttgart with perfect weather and a mix of sun and light clouds? A bridal couple who just love each other immensely! The charming ...

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