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Hey, I'm Koko! A passionate lifestyle, portrait, & wedding photographer. I'm based in Stuttgart, but work all over Baden-Württemberg & Bavaria and all over Germany & as a destination wedding photographer all over the rest of our beautiful world. I love natural light, emotional & authentic moments as well as adventurous & free people who go an extra mile for a strong photo with me. I am fascinated by colours, shadows and human diversity. I capture beauty & moments in a very simple, intimate & aesthetic way.


"...Just classic wedding photos we would have gotten somewhere else.
With his special way Koko was able to capture our emotions perfectly on this day.
The photo shoot with Koko was a wonderful part of our big day and we had so much fun with it.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Koko!!!"

- Christina & Michael


"...We had a lot of fun during our shooting and were surprised how much preparatory work Koko put into the research of beautiful shooting locations. Koko is a perfectionist - and you can see that on our wonderful photos ..."

- Julia & Seb


"A pro in snapshots!
-On our most beautiful day he accompanied us perfectly through the day without us having to pretend (as it is usually the case). He was very unobtrusive and therefore the right photographer for us. We are sure that we will book him again at our next big moment in life! … “

- Sehzat & Johannes


"...Wonderful location, warm coffee to warm up and also our favourite song in the background, so far by far the best shooting experience... We thank you for these wonderful moments, which were also so skilfully staged! The pictures are simply breathtaking - as impressive as your passion \"your craft\"... Thank you very much and see you very soon, because we want more of this... “

- Marta & Hawkins


"Dear Koko, thank you for capturing such beautiful moments on this special day. It's great how you have responded to us with your loving and creative way. Our pictures have become beautiful. Thank you very much!"

- Isa & Flo


"...We had a wonderful, unforgettable day with Koko. We just had fun, were fooling around and didn't really notice the camera that was pointed at us.
The result exceeded all expectations and never before have pictures touched us so much."

- Elisa & Alex


"Koko, to be honest, we were blessed to find you, because you made best possible to imagine photos! You did everything exactly as we wished: dozens of wonderful portraits and amazing reportage of a christening ceremony, as well as a party afterwards. You made not just photos, but a story. You were able to capture our emotions, our love, joy and happiness. We look at photos and cannot stop smiling - they are so beautiful! Thank you very much, Koko! You are THE master! Also, we were very pleased to meet you in person. You are an absolutely easy-going and a humble man, with great sense of humor, that was fun to work with you!

Warmest hugs.

- Olesya, Michael & Tom


" When we met Koko it was clear that he is a very kind and positive guy. His nature is very important for his job: it's easy for him to connect with people, which is so important on the most special day of your life.
I can not recommend a better photographer than Koko, to show emotions, catch a moment or just do an amazing portrait.
Thanks Koko. “

- Simone & Michele

Would you like to know more about me?

I'm Rasim Karic, but a lot of people just call me Koko. I look forward to working with you soon. Working is actually the wrong word, because shooting photos is more my calling. My dear. For and during the exercise of this vocation, I have been involved with the various facets of this wonderful life. The urge to go out into the world is my engine. Every stranger is a potential new friend with whom you can discover things, laugh and eat. The world map is my to-do list, and as much as I appreciate wonderful landscapes with mountains and forests, so much do I live for the sound of the sea. During all these adventures I discovered many fascinating dishes and was allowed to taste the soup spoon of the world. This has also made me an enthusiastic cook and gourmet. I could die for a real Neapolitan Margherita pizza with real buffalo mozzarella - mmmh, delicious! But not only the culinary and the wanderlust irritate me! I am absolutely enthusiastic about fashion and always looking for the right style that fits a lifestyle, without the influence of coming and going trends. Of course I will be happy to advise you if you are unsure about the outfit choice for the photos. How does my vocation fit into this picture? My love of photography is almost as old as I am. Since I was five years old, pictures and life have fascinated me.

Around this time the first disposable cameras came into the shops and my little piggy bank was always empty, because somewhere always a fully cropped film was developed. Always fascinated by capturing what was happening around me, I trained my photographic eye. For my 14th birthday my beloved aunt gave me a Minolta analog film camera. From then on photography was an integral part of my life, and since 2015 I have made this love my profession, as a professional wedding photographer. Much has changed, but my enthusiasm has remained forever. You will also see this passion in the pictures you get from me. I love to personally take care of authentic and aesthetic photographs of the most important things in your life: Family, wedding, engagement, couple shootings or just portraits. I want to make you happy with these pictures, because that is what makes me happy. This is what my authentic and emotional photographs stand for. I photograph for you digitally with natural light and with as few additional tools as possible to create a real and natural image. To make your moments as real as possible, I would like to get closer to you with lenses between 50 and 24 mm focal length. So, just write me or call me, I'm looking forward to you!



Wedding Photographer Stuttgart
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart
Wedding Photographer Stuttgart

Who else is on board?

Manarola wedding photographer - Koko Photography - Pepe



Heart person, creative soul and loves popcorn - but only salty.

Pepe has been with the KOKO PHOTOGRAPHY team since 2017, as the main communication designer and art director at OOMPA Design, he first created the marketing and visual identity of our website. Shortly after, Pepe found his balance in photography to capture more beautiful "wow moments" for eternity. After a few years of dancing at beautiful weddings, he decided to turn it into moving pictures and sound and started to accompany the beautiful moments as a videographer besides photography. - A real multi-talent. Most of the time Koko & Pepe dance at the same wedding, so that no moment is missed for eternity. But there are days where we dance on two different weddings - distance for a short time is good for every team. :)

Oh yes, he can also be delighted with a pizza, preferably in Napoli or Tuscany.