Anna and Ivan are a great example where an encounter of people can take you with them if you don't hold back!

Anna, Ivan and I met. In the street. By mistake. We exchanged a few words and found that we have a lot in common. A journey of love and adventure began to develop. We went to Italy. Ivan and Anna confessed to each other in almost every step of their love.
Not pushy, armed only with my camera as a wedding photographer in Stuttgart, I followed the couple in love at every turn. I have captured the moment; I have captured the love. Unforgettable.
If you just sum up the moments, they were pure beauty and love, experienced on a planet that seems to eradicate itself.
Not like that for Anna and Ivan. Every day was a feast day. A day that brought them closer together. A love story set in motion that can never end.
Our journey led us through romantic and hidden cobbled streets in Italy and Greece. We enjoyed the food and the famous Greek wine. I don't think there are any better kitchens than these two!
Furthermore, we all celebrated our friendship and the fast growing love between Anna and Ivan.
We lived in that moment; we had everything. Nothing was important. Yesterday it was over and tomorrow was a new adventure.

The gallery of Anna and Ivan is more than just pictures. This is a story told in pictures. It is very clear that you cannot repeat a moment. You just have to live it. If you are lucky and have a good friend with a camera at your side who is willing to take part in the trip, these moments can be captured on (and like in) film.
The story of Anna and Ivan is a story that has begun and cannot end as long as people love each other.
Let me, the wedding photographer Stuttgart, be the friend with the camera at your side. As a wedding photographer in Bari, Stuttgart, Mallorca or anywhere else, I like to come along to immortalize love. Ready? Write me!