The city of Bari is the capital of the province of the same name and of the Puglia region. The city itself has about 320000 inhabitants and everybody has to go somewhere by car, but nobody leaves a free parking place. The traffic in the city is really very crazy! But people are still very relaxed and enjoy life as much as they can. Surely you know the mega delicious wine from Apulia - Primitivo? By the way, my favorite wine! Bari offers really many beautiful things, beside the delicious wine and food there is a lot to see culturally. In addition to the beautiful old town and the harbour, there are many small cafés in the centre, which are simply unobtrusive but attract you to drink a delicious espresso and cappuccino. There we also met the two passionate Italians: Simone and Michele. Two very different but very similar people with a very nice style and taste. But for me the Italians were and remain number one when it comes to lifestyle, fashion, taste and food. We walked together through the streets and boulevards of Bari until we arrived at a very nice old but also very tall building. The entrance was already very stylish with an old paternoster elevator made of beautiful and well-kept cherry wood. At the top we are then in their mega beautiful loft, which shows on three sides of Bari, so that no matter when one wants to drink a cappuccino on the terrace, one has the sun there. Minimalistic, but beautifully furnished with a lot of love, so that not only the two of them felt comfortable, but also us! A cozy home which with many loving details also reflects the love of these two men. This shooting was also a surprise for Michele, because he had celebrated his birthday on this day. I really enjoyed photographing them and immortalizing their love and affection on a few photographs. Home Love Stories are for me in general something very special and very intimate and a very nice possibility to show his love as it is - in everyday life. Just as you know them not only on holiday or a wedding day, but also quite simply: comfortably at home on the couch. I must honestly admit that this Love Story was my first Gay Couple Shooting. I had already photographed so many couples and weddings and yet this shooting was something very special for me. Homosexuality and gay love is still such a topic in Germany which (unfortunately) still leads to discussions and for some is something unnatural. Why? What's unnatural about that? Or just the fact that I already write about it in the blog, or have to mention something like that at all in this form, is already a mirror of our society. For me it was a special honor to meet Simone & Michele, to photograph in their (beautiful) four walls their love, affection and burning desire in their eyes. I'm really looking forward to my first gay wedding that I will photograph. From a gay couple shooting to a wonderful friendship. Maybe we will meet again in Stuttgart, Bari, Barcelona or anywhere else in this beautiful world. If you are interested in a Boudoir Couple Shooting or a Home Love Story, just write me!