To run from Brazil to Santorini, Greece, that is actually not everyday. It's simply to go to bed with the camera under your arm and be wide when the couple is.

As Glorias & Fabio's wedding photographer Greece this was a real pleasure.

A couple that seems to have been born not only for each other but also for the camera, Santorini more or less formed the wonderful background for an Elopement wedding that seems to have been taken from the fairy tale book of Greek gods.

The evening was already marked by the most beautiful sunset I have experienced in Greece. From high up on the mountains we could watch the land being slowly dipped in gold. A paradise for a wedding photographer Greece.

It was not long before Gloria & Fabio became exclusive participants in the Nature Studio Nature, with its unsurpassable colors and beauty. But it was love, passion, tenderness that moved back and forth in the wind like branches. This unique dance of feelings, gave the evening a wealth that is rarely experienced.

From the very first moment I was there with my camera. Close enough so that no moment could pass unnoticed, but always far in the background, so as never to stand in the way of the couple's natural exchange of always moving feelings. The positive energy that Gloria & Fabio constantly passed on to their immediate surroundings without restriction held us for the whole day in a breathtaking cocoon from which the couple emerged, ultimately, as a married couple. The most important "yes" that they whispered to each other and into the noise of the waves and the wind. The transformation of friendship into a life for two.

As a wedding photographer in Greece, I naturally feel attracted to the couples who accompany me on my way. But to elope with Gloria & Fabio to Santorini, Greece, was a particularly moving event!

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