"I can do things you can't, you can do things I can't; together we can do great things."

You've just set your wedding date, maybe booked the wedding location, but you don't know how to proceed or what else you need, because it's unlikely that you'll get married every year. No problem. I can help you to find the perfect wedding planner, the most beautiful flowers, the tastiest cake or the breathtaking wedding dress and support you with wedding tips.

With the time and experience as a wedding photographer in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, I have worked with several wedding service providers several times, but some of them have grown very close to my heart because of their attention to detail, creativity and above all their professionalism. Therefore I would like to dedicate this special page to my dear friends and business partners and support you in planning your big day with the right people so that everything will be as you wish it to be. Of course it can happen that one or the other wedding service provider is not available on your wedding day because he (or she) is dancing at another wedding in Stuttgart. But that's also absolutely no problem, just let me know, because I certainly have one or the other one up my sleeve. 

Wedding in Stuttgart

Dear Angelika Kindler is simply a genius! It is simply magical and unbelievable how she always manages to translate the thoughts of others into flower arrangements. I don't think I know any other person so far who understands you quickly even without words. If you are looking for a florist for your wedding in Stuttgart or the surrounding area, you are in the right place. In the flower café VergissMeinNicht in Filderstadt, you can not only get beautiful bridal bouquets or floral decorations for your wedding, but also enjoy a cosy cup of café with a piece of cake. 

Wedding in Stuttgart

What should I tell you about the dear Aleksandra from CAKE STYLING in Stuttgart, except that I've probably weighed 5-6 kilograms more since I've known her! You just can't say no anymore when you see the beautiful wedding cakes of Aleksandra. Most wedding cakes are only good to look at, but Aleksandra's cakes for your wedding in Stuttgart are simply mega delicious! My secret tip for you: Chocolate butter cream cupcakes!

Wedding in Stuttgart
Hair & Make-Up

Mirror, mirror in hand, who's the most beautiful bride in the land? On your special day, there should also be something special. To express your beauty even more, you can put your hair and your beautiful face in the hands of dear Patrizia. I just love working with her because she has exactly the aesthetic eye that we photographers love. Whether Boho, Elegant or Dramatic Look: Patrizia masters them all!

Wedding in Stuttgart

I know of absolutely no woman who is better able to make the impossible possible than the dear Josina von Hochzeitsverliebt! Whether it's catering at the Zugspitze, a dance floor on the swimming pool or perhaps exotic food - Josina will find them all! It is always fun to work with her, because you can always rely on her creativity and organizational talent. If you give your beautiful wedding day into Josina's hands, then this one will definitely be unforgettable for many!

Wedding in Stuttgart

This person is really a favorite person. With his open and positive manner, he not only makes beautiful and elegant websites, business cards or wedding guides, but he also brings the sun to the place even when it rains. So many joint projects have come together and I am very grateful to dear Pepe for that! This beautiful Internet presence has also seen the light of day with the support of OOMPA DESIGN. If you are looking for minimalist and charming invitation cards, or you are writing a blog about your wedding? Then OOMPA DESIGN can certainly help you.

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Festfein Boutique

Modern concept store with a casual and unique atmosphere for the bride of tomorrow. Here you will find the complete package: wedding dresses by German and international designers, accessories and lots of inspiration for the modern "bride-to-be". Individual and comprehensive wedding and celebration planning - that fits and inspires. Graphics and design for your wedding stationery - with an eye for the special. Dear Anna will support you in being the most beautiful on your most beautiful day.

Wedding in Stuttgart

Last but not least: If you are looking for a fairy tale wedding in the castle, then you are at the right place with dear Anna. The castle in Irmelshausen is really my favourite wedding location. And it's really not just the location. Anna plans and realizes the complete event for you with an insane attention to detail! If your wedding in Stuttgart, not necessarily in Baden-Württemberg must take place, then the (not even) two hours drive is worthwhile for a romantic and elegant wedding in the castle.