Postpone the wedding because of the coronavirus - yes or no?

March 23, 2020

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, you may also be thinking of postponing your wedding because of the corona virus. First of all, I would like to say that I am very sorry that you are affected by this unpleasant and unpredictable situation. Believe me, I know how you feel, because this is new for all of us and may cause us some concern. In between not knowing whether you should wait and wait or have to postpone your wedding date because of the corona virus. We all have the same feelings right now and probably have no idea what we will do in an hour, tomorrow or next month.


Are you thinking about postponing your wedding because of the coronavirus?


I have already spoken to many of my bridal couples, clients and friends who are also in this uncertain situation and the first thing I have said to them is that it is okay to feel the way they feel. Whether it is emotion like insecurity, sadness, confusion, disappointment, anger or even sadness, your emotions are real and justified. No one expected a virus like Corona to affect their wedding and cause a postponement. If no one has told you this so far, I do: it is perfectly okay to feel the way you feel about the postponement of your wedding.

If you need to postpone your wedding, I'm here to help you. After informing my bridal couples about the next steps regarding the Corona Virus and their wedding, I decided to share a small article with you to give you my helpful tips for your decision. What you should keep in mind if you have decided to postpone your wedding, for example when communicating with service providers and passing on the information to your guests.

It may be a little too early to base your decisions on the current status and the knowledge we get from the media. Especially if your wedding is not next month, but in July or late summer, it's hard to decide. Whatever your dilemma is, it is definitely better to postpone your wedding than to cancel. Deposits that you have made to wedding service providers can be postponed all year round. However, they probably cannot be returned if you decide to cancel.

Because the effects of Coronavirus are so unpredictable, the majority of service providers will most likely be willing to support you with their best efforts and conscience. I know I will, and the majority of my colleagues will do likewise.

My first and most important advice is to have a "Plan B" before you contact your service providers. Even if it's not that easy, you need to make the decision and know if you are already postponing your wedding day or waiting a little longer so that your service providers can support you in time.

The well-known "Agency for Wedding Planning - Sarah Linow" has given the following tips (as of 18 March 2020) to the bridal couples, which I would also like to recommend to you:

Wedding now or in April / May

Bridal couples who are now getting married and live in a region where, for example, events with up to 50 guests are still permitted, can either reduce the number of guests if necessary or postpone the date. Usually, the locations (LOC) and service providers (DL) postpone the date free of charge in such a case, if within this year happens.

It is important to seek contact with the LOC and the DL and to speak openly and respectfully.

Everyone is equally excited and worried. Nobody wants to harm the bridal couple, but the existence of the service providers is at stake. Nobody knows how long these restrictions will continue and if the financial existence of the DL is threatened. Moving to the next year is difficult for the service providers because there are only limited Fridays and Saturdays in the season. On these days one already has reservations or in any case gets orders for next year. A free rebooking means financial losses, as one cannot accept unlimited orders. Furthermore, personnel and material costs can change next year. Therefore, many service providers charge a rebooking fee when booking on Fridays and Saturdays in the high season of the next year.

So how about moving your new wedding date to this year or next year out of season or on a weekday? Usually the guests will still make time for you! Furthermore, you will have a better negotiating position and save on possible rebooking costs.


If the wedding takes place anyway, you can be sure that disinfectant alone will not help. It is a family celebration, you squeeze, you love each other, you sing, laugh and cry together. It is your risk and that of all involved.

Be sure to ask all service providers if they will be attending the wedding, not that there will be any nasty surprises waiting for you at the last moment.

Weddings from June

There it is important to keep calm and see what is coming. Of course you can play mind games as mentioned above and maybe look for a new appointment. But don't let yourself be driven crazy. Some things you just don't know and have to wait and see.

Most LOCs will take the normal cancellation costs for a current rebooking.

So do sports, power up or relax consciously and don't take the anger out on the others. 😉

It's about being really flexible and practical and working together to ensure that our couples all have their fantastic day, even if it's at a later date. "Postponed is not abandoned!"

So, in summary:

*Think in time if and on which date you want to postpone your wedding Think about a weekday (Mon-Thu) - your loved ones will come and take the time for you.

*From mid/end of October it is worthwhile to inquire rather. Also think about a romantic winter wedding - CLICK.

*Spring 2021 is also a very good time to get free dates. Think about reducing the number of guests, a small intimate wedding also has its charm.

*How about an elopement? - A wedding for two in a beautiful location is becoming a trend.

For couples planning to get married in 2021, it is even more important than ever to secure your date, the earlier the better. Because, as every year, these are limited and we can only accept a certain number of weddings in 2021.

Whatever you have decided then, the new date is agreed with your service providers. Please share this with your guests in time, because also in your circle of friends there will most likely not only be a wedding in 2020, so you have a better chance that all your dear guests will come to the new date.

I know it's not easy. Not for you as the bride and groom or for us as service providers. You have taken a lot of time to plan this beautiful day, with all these wonderful details that fit you and your unique love. And then to think that it will not be as you wish it to be is mega frustrating.

It is also very important for us that the wedding takes place and that we can take beautiful pictures of you and your party, expand our portfolio and we are looking forward to it very much!

There are so many creative possibilities and alternatives to organize a magical and dreamlike wedding. Cheer up and stay positive! Because positive thoughts lead to positive things in life!

If you have any questions, ideas or even more tips, feel free to contact me at any time. I and my team are here for you and will support you wherever we can! 

But what I can still tell you from my side, no matter what happens and how the situation develops Your love is stronger than any virus and Corona or not, you will have your perfect wedding day!

#keepcalmandstayathome #stayhealthy


UPDATE 29. 03. 2020:


I recently spoke to Elvia from Italy Wedding Planner and asked her to give me advice for all couples who want to get married in Italy in 2020. Elvia says following:

Don't give up your dream wedding in Italy!

This article aims to reach all of you, brides and grooms of 2020, who have chosen Italy as your wedding destination to fulfill your love dream. In this critical moment, we understand this dream seems to be falling apart while it forces you to face a new big challenge against a virus that has no regard for anyone, not even for those whose only desire is to celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world: Love. However, what we are sure about is that Love will always overpower, at the end.
By now, most of you may have been overwhelmed by doubts and questions and tons of problems to solve due to this new and unpredictable situation.
Rest insured we completely understand you. We all have doubts and fears, but we are here to help you to get through this situation as smoothly as possible and not to give up your Italian love dream.
You were brave enough to dream big and therefore this is not the moment to give up but rather to keep calm, keep dreaming and hold the control of the situation.
In case your wedding date is expected in June or July, first step is to start considering the possibility of postponing it to further dates either in August, September or even October 2020, in order to avoid the chance to have to cancel it or have it postponed to next Summer.
That is why it is very important you to start getting in touch with your main suppliers, such as your photographer, your location and the church (if you chose a religious wedding) and check with them their future availability so that you won't miss or lose their service.
If you rather chose a professional wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy, it will be much easier than you can rely on them getting in touch with all suppliers and taking care of finding the best solution for your needs. In such a critical moment, most suppliers are flexible and more than happy to help you out with your request, in order for you not to lose your deposit and all the job done by all parties involved, so far.
You may probably have regretted to have chosen Italy as your wedding destination, due to distance and difficulty to manage the situation, but we want to reassure you choice was not wrong, as here in Italy you will always find heart warming kindness and support, despite the distance.
Moving forward, after considering the possible new dates, it is wise to fix a deadline, a time limit in which you have to decide if you want to postpone or not your wedding. Obviously this decision must not be too close to the original date of the wedding.
We also suggest to use your time to take care of the wedding little details so that your wedding day can be even nicer than you originally plan.
This way, your wedding day will have a value added, it will represent the end of a long and gloomy period and you will celebrate it surrounded by love, affection and happiness, therefore joy and light-heartedness will be multiplied. Time will come when this nightmare will get to an end and you will finally find yourself toasting with a good Italian wine together with your beloved ones in that extraordinary dream of love you have worked so hard to create. Italy will welcome you with open arms and heart, ready to make your wedding day unforgettable and unique and it will remind you that Love always wins over everything.

Elvia-Italy Wedding Planner


italy wedding photographer coco photography


I also had contact with the wedding planner Brenda from

She told me this:

"Try to remain calm, your wedding planner with experience in Italy will help you get through this. Be patient, life will throw you many curves and your wedding will take place when it is safe for everyone to travel. Try to hit the pause button on all for now and think of how all the more joyous your celebration will be when you can finally gather together all your loved ones for a blow out celebration.


As soon as I have new information, I will continue to add to the article here.


Stay healthy and positive.

With love ♥️,

Love, Koko


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