As a photographer there is hardly a minute when there is nothing to see and nothing to photograph. In other words, I always have to be flexible and look where the adventure is.

Basically I divide my work into 4 categories, which I would like to introduce to you here more exactly. If nothing else, these categories give you an overview and make it easier to book exactly what applies to you.

  • Documentary Wedding Reportage in a Story-Telling Style
  • Love Story / Engagement Shooting
  • After Wedding Shooting
  • Noble photo book

I see myself in the broadest sense of my vocation as your wedding photographer Stuttgart. It blows me pretty much to every corner of the Federal Republic and often even beyond the borders. It should be the same for all my expectant couples: Just let yourself be drawn to where your heart calls you. To a place where everything is just right!

As your wedding photographer in Stuttgart, I am happy to come with you and accompany the expectant couple for a few steps on their way to a long and happy life. Everything begins with three little words: Yes, I do! And if you want, why should I hold back? Just give me a call, send me a few lines about the contact form or book a certain place and the wedding photographer Stuttgart will get back to you immediately.

The rich gallery of your wedding photographer Stuttgart is convincing, dreamlike and unique. I invite you to browse and see for yourself what wavelength I am on and whether it correlates with your ideas. I promise you wedding photos that are more than just exciting.

In fact, no wedding is complete, not even the sensitive eye of your wedding photographer.

I am always at your disposal to answer your questions or to solve any uncertainties or concerns you may have. Just let me know and I look forward to answering your questions!

Love, Koko

Wedding photographer Mallorca


Yes, I do! It is THE day in your life - full of special moments and feelings. To capture these, I am at your side as a wedding photographer, if you swear eternal love to yourselves. With a professional eye and a sensitive eye I take real and emotional pictures of your party. No way is too far for me, be it in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, in Baden-Württemberg, somewhere else in Germany and Europe or on request also at the other end of the world. To remember this wonderful day - for you and your guests.
Every wedding is a very special day for the couple. In my long practice as a wedding photographer, I have not yet seen two weddings that were exactly the same. Like most big events, a wedding doesn't have a test run. In order for you to really get the photos from this unique day that reflect this special day as it really was, you need a photographer who can see what others are passing by and feel what it's about.

mallorca beach wedding


The wedding day is far from over. The party doesn't start until the guests have gone home. A wonderful couple on the eve of your entire life. The dinner jacket is still on, the wedding dress is blowing in the gentle evening breeze, the candles are slowly burning down. Photographs that tell what can rarely be expressed in words. You are still shining with the magic of the best Jas in your life. This incredible combination we capture together in a great shooting, in personal, loving, intoxicating photos for eternity.

Wedding photographer Mallorca


What could be more beautiful than to tell the story of your love! Cobblestones in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Lovers usually don't get an hour's notice. If you want, I will accompany you for a few hours, days (or more) on your path of unconditional love and euphoria. No matter if it is an engagement shoot, a home love story or just a nice picnic in nature. You know I'm with you, but you'll never know!
Show your love to the world! I'll support you in that.

Wedding Photographer Stuttgart


A photo book - the story of a life. Who doesn't like to remember back then? A photobook tells a story about a part of your life. Memories that do not lose their meaning in many years.
A book for eternity: nothing is more durable and personal than a beautifully bound photo album made of precious paper. You can show that to your great-grandchildren and indulge in beautiful memories. A special service for all my photographs.